Sex position #347. Guillotine

Comprar Sex Position #347. Guillotine


This guillotine is not for carrying out executions by beheading, it’s a blowjob sex position to drive the man wild. Discover how to give your man the best blow job he’s ever received. The woman lies on her back. The male partner sits on top of her so that the lady’s head is between his legs. The man is not fully seated on the woman, he presses maximum on his knees, which are located behind the female partner’s shoulders. She raises her lower body up, spreads her legs and throws them on her lover’s shoulders. He pulls his hands back and takes her buttocks to stabilize the woman in such an interesting position. She is entirely subordinated to him. The male partner’s body remains straight. The lady stimulates her lover’s penis with her lips, mouth and tongue.


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